Investment management

Citi Investment Management – the Private Bank’s global investment management organization – has designed, delivered and managed customized portfolios and investments for the worldly and wealthy since 1935.

Our discretionary portfolio managers offer global and regional-focused equity, fixed income, multi-asset class investment strategies.

We can customize these strategies according to your individual requirements, such as your sustainable investment objectives and risk profile.

Our research, due diligence and oversight provide the foundation for every investment within your portfolio.

These include equity, fixed income, multi-asset class and alternative investment strategies from third-party managers who we vet extensively.

We utilize a core and opportunistic wealth framework, in which we identify a broadly diversified core portfolio based on the long-term plan we create for you using our proprietary asset allocation methodology.


This core portfolio is complemented by an opportunistic portfolio that seeks enhanced risk-adjusted returns by exploiting periodic short- or long-term opportunities.

Our unique perspective on building and preserving wealth over generations drives every aspect of our investment management process.

Robert Jasminski
Global Head of Citi Investment Management

How we serve you

Institutional quality
Our discretionary portfolio managers draw upon Citi’s institutional resources, while our culture of discipline, risk management, and interests are aligned and transparent.

Our platform delivers a range of core, opportunistic and thematic strategies across asset classes from proprietary and extensively vetted third-party managers.

As part of our investment management services, we offer direct portfolio manager access, complete transparency into your holdings, and in-depth updates on performance and strategy.


Global opportunities
We combine Citi’s global reach with local expertise to provide you with a wide range of opportunities in both emerging and developed markets.

These dual perspectives allow us to craft diversified core portfolios complemented by timely, opportunistic investments that seek to deliver enhanced, risk-adjusted returns.

Customized approach
Every engagement with you begins with an in-depth understanding of your risk and return parameters, liquidity needs, and investment time horizon.

Our holistic advice incorporates your personal goals, from legacy planning to sustainability, as well as any plans created by our wealth management teams.

For eligible clients, we also offer wholly bespoke portfolio management service.

Meet our people

Global Head

Robert Jasminski

Global Head of Citi Investment Management
Citi Global Wealth Investments
“Our unique perspective on building and preserving wealth over generations drives every aspect of our investment process.”

Rob oversees Citi Investment Management’s operations globally, which responsible for approximately $80.5bn in assets under management and advisement.

He is also a voting member of the Global Investment Committee, which sets the Private Bank's tactical asset allocation recommendations.

Rob is an industry leader in global developed and emerging market equity management and has more than 25 years’ investment experience.


Mid-Year Wealth Outlook 2023

While our asset allocation strategy remains defensive, investors should consider staying invested and modify portfolios over time.

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