Digital banking

Our digital private banking platform gives you insights into your wealth and lets you carry out key transactions wherever you happen to be.

Monitoring your portfolio and its performance is an essential part of investing.

Citi Private Bank In View is our digital private banking platform.

It gives you insights into your wealth in one place, instantly accessible through your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Citi Private Bank In View also enables you to move funds between your accounts and make transfers to beneficiaries.

If your account requires multiple levels of authorization, you can approve payments from your app, at any time and from anywhere.

Citi Private Bank In View’s convenient features can save you time and keep you abreast of potential opportunities.

Citi Private Bank In View’s benefits for you

Your wealth at a glance
Our Citi Private Bank In View private banking platform provides vital, in-depth information on all of your holdings at Citi wherever and whenever you need it.
In addition to seeing your overall position and recent transactions, you can analyze your performance by account, asset class and individual holdings, customizing how you see the data.
Our best thinking
Citi Private Bank In View lets you access our latest thinking on the outlook for financial markets and the economy.
Besides strategic recommendations we also offer you our views on the markets and some of Citi Research’s top thought leadership publications.
Secure storage
Citi Private Bank In View allows you to store your essential banking paperwork and share documents with your relationship team, subject to regional restrictions.
You can also receive certain eligible documents – such as banking account statements, advices and confirmations – electronically.
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