Portfolio analytics

The Global Investment Lab is a unique team dedicated to helping you understand what really matters in your portfolio and the opportunities open to you.

As your wealth grows, the needs of your investment portfolio typically become increasingly complex.

Understanding your true risk exposures can be especially challenging, for example, when you have many holdings across multiple providers.

The Global Investment Lab is a unique team dedicated to providing institutional-caliber analytics in relation to portfolio construction, risk management and investment strategy.

Among those whom we regularly serve are wealthy individuals and their businesses, trusts, endowments and foundations and family offices.

Our investment process begins with our professionals gaining a full understanding of your situation and goals in order to uncover risk exposures and potential opportunities in your portfolio.

As well as your core and opportunistic portfolios, we assess your other assets, liabilities and business interests in light of your investment goals and risk appetite.

To do so, we employ sophisticated, proprietary modeling techniques and tools.

Our areas of focus include portfolio risk assessment, investment strategies and customized portfolio construction across asset classes.

Among the many issues we can advise upon are managing concentrated positions, developing a private equity commitment strategy, establishing a philanthropic foundation and a strategy to meet education costs.

The Lab applies global perspectives and sophisticated investment analytics to assist those with particularly specialized or complex needs.

Shu Zhang
Head of the Global Investment Lab

How we serve you

Global insights and local perspectives
The Global Investment Lab has professionals based in New York, Beverly Hills, Miami, Toronto, London, Geneva, Dubai, Hong Kong and Singapore.

They apply global insights as well as local perspectives when providing strategies customized to your needs.

Our quantitative and qualitative investment analysis supplies the framework for developing your portfolio, as well as actual implementation possibilities.

Holistic view of your wealth
The Lab undertakes in-depth analysis of your entire wealth, across all your banking relationships.

We approach your investment portfolio as an accumulation of risk exposures.

Our analysis therefore aims to consider your wealth holistically.

At your request, we can also undertake specialized portfolio analysis of areas of your portfolio where you need even deeper insights.

Actionable insights
Having identified your risks and opportunities, we apply innovative problem-solving skills to create actionable insights.

Based on these, we create for you a wholly personalized strategy.

We then work with you, your Banker and your Investment Counselor to implement this strategy.

Meet our people

Global Head

Shu Zhang

Head of the Global Investment Lab
Citi Global Wealth Investments

Based in New York, Shu oversees the creation and delivery of innovative and holistic wealth-management strategies, asset allocations and risk management to individuals and family offices globally.

Prior to the Private Bank, Shu was Head of Portfolio Construction at US Investment Solutions at UBS Financial Services. Previously, she conducted manager due diligence and managed $12 billion in sub-advisory funds within the Investment Management Group of Diversified Investment Advisors. She also served at BARRA RogersCasey, a pension consulting firm, where she serviced large pension plans.

Shu gained an MBA from Northeastern University and holds the CFA designation.


Mid-Year Wealth Outlook 2023

While our asset allocation strategy remains defensive, investors should consider staying invested and modify portfolios over time.

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